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Courses cover the complete system to transform you as a fundraiser to be successful at securing major or planned gifts without ever manipulating or convincing a prospect


Ken Ramsay

Ken Ramsay is one of the most experienced fundraising professionals in North America. He launched The Empowerment Dialogue System in 2013 after spending 18 years as President and CEO of one of the largest consulting companies in North America - a company that secured over $3 billion in gift commitments for non-profits. Along the way, Ken learned the hard way - through success and failure in the real world of fundraising, and developed a radical new approach to face-to-face donor engagement. Ken is now teaching, coaching and mentoring fundraising professionals throughout the English-speaking world. He is also a trained Gestalt therapist, and brings a deep understanding of human relationship to the fundraising arena.

Transform Your Life as a Fundraiser

The benefits of the Empowerment Dialogue Academy to you:

  • 5 courses complete the full journey to becoming an elite fundraiser

  • Learning is easy and stimulationg through videos, valuable downloads, role plays and quizzes

  • Automatically belong to a network of fundraisers on the same journey, to learn and share together through live events and Q&A Threads

  • Earn valuable CFRE credits with each course

  • Successful completion of the 5 courses qualifies you to be Empowerment Dialogue Certified, signifying your elite status in the fundraising community and enhancing your career

What other fundraisers have said:

“When Ken first told me about Empowerment Dialogue, I knew he had created something special. But, it wasn't until I attended the full-day training session that I realized the incredible strength of the Empowerment Dialogue method. Quite simply Ken has created a structured way to speak with donors and build strong philanthropic relationships. Empowerment Dialogue is simply amazing. I would highly recommend it to any fundraising professional.”

Mikhael Bornstein

“The Empowerment Dialogue System is invaluable in training our volunteer leadership council to have the intentional conversations that they need for very successful cultivation. The Program gave our great team the tools to create stronger relationships and identify new major donors”

Susan Relecom

“My role as a financial advisor specializing in gift planning is to assist my clients in realizing their philanthropic vision. The "Empowerment Dialogue Approach provides a unique way to talk about philanthropy and have a meaningful conversation with the donor. The step-by-step approach helps the donor clarifying her or his vision and facilitates the decision making process."”

Martin Goulet